I am reviewing trig for a test I am taking and found a long lasting trouble raise its head again.  I am great at geometry so it would imply I would be great at trig except for the fact that much of trig centers around a pneumonic device that escapes me. SOH CAH TOA; appears […]

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Motion graphs

The last couple days we focussed on motion graphs. I thought at first I allotted too much time for this activity but it has proven useful. Grant Howerton spiced the activity up with the title “car crash ballet”. Students found a car crash video and song next they made a motion diagram of the crash. […]

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Where will the buggy stop? AKA the relationship between position and time for a moving object.

For the last few classes we have been looking at the relationship between position and time. As I am putting my thoughts together to write this I am realizing we got through alot! 1. Students took a 5 question open note quiz on displacement. They could take the quiz as many times as needed but […]

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How Far is Far?

Today was the start of our dont text and drive project in physics. I had some issues getting students excited enough to engage with the work. Going forward starting the day off with ecciting examples of ad campaigns would be helpful. The first need to knows we tackled: How do I describe motion verbally? And […]

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Digital notebook

I have been wanting to use interactive notebooks for some time now.  At the same time I have been excited about the idea of digital notebooks.  My biggest problem: how can I blend the best of both of these ? Interactive notebook At first settled for just doing an interactive notebook because I do see […]

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